Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Movies!!!

Todd and I love going to movies, and the ones we've seen recently have been pretty good ones! -with the exception of a few bad ones (my opinion only). So I just wanted to post about some and how I would rate them out of 4 stars. :)

I know this movie came out a while ago, but it has been one of my favorites of the year! It was a Sundance movie and won a lot of awards. Its about a boy who falls in love with a girl but then has its own unique twist on the story. What I love most about this movie is how dead on they relate things to real life. Its really funny and I feel like a lot of people can relate to it!
I give it 4 stars!

I really like Sandra Bullock. In fact, I don't think I've seen a movie that she's been it that I haven't liked... except this one! This movie (in my opinion) was NOT good. It wasn't really funny at all, just extremely awkward and weird. I think they were trying to make a statement that you can find beauty in everyone, no matter how different they are- which is a great statement to make, but it didn't show through in this movie. Nope. it was just WEIRD!
I give it 1 star!

I LOVED this movie! "Adam" is a also a Sundance movie, and as far as I know it didn't come out in theaters. Its about a boy named Adam who has a slight mental disorder, and one day a girl moves into his Apt complex and finds him rather sweet and fascinating. Its a cute story of friendship, love, and triumph. I'd definitely recommend this movie!
I give it 4 stars!

This movie isn't a new one and maybe most of you have seen it by now, but after seeing "Monsters vs. Aliens" I didn't care to see this movie. (No offense to anyone who liked Monsters vs. Aliens"- I didn't think it was all that funny). So when Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs came out I had low expectations. But it was SOOOO FUNNY! I loved it! Bill Hader does the voice for the main character and he does such a great job. I was surprised by the creativity of this movie and how fun they made it. It is a little long and there's one part at the end that is pretty "out there" but overall, it was a good movie!
I give it 3 1/2 stars!

I heard so many good things about this movie. And it really was a cute story... except I didn't really like the type of bad guy the went with. I know in that culture, black magic is really popular, but do I really want my kids to see that? Voodoo stuff and creepy spirits? It was a little too "dark" for me on that end, but I really liked everything else about the movie. It was a fun love story and ended well. So with saying that I give it 3 stars!

There's a lot to say about this movie. Todd and I just went and saw this on Saturday. If you don't know what its about, it about a 14 year old girl who get murdered and how she waits in the "in between" (between heaven and earth) trying to reach back to her family and help them solver her case. It gets a little disturbing because she's the narrator and you know from the very beginning that she is going to be murdered, so when that time comes, your just hoping it'll change. Its definitely a movie that keeps you interested the whole way through and has some parts that put you on the edge of your seat, but it leaves you feeling a little... disturbed, because there are real people out there like that! It also makes you think a lot about death. But I thought the main girl did a GREAT job at acting her part. The ending doesn't leave you with a lot of closure but it still ends well. It took me a while to decided how much i liked this movie and if I would recommend it. So I'll just say this, if you find stories like this interesting and you like different perspective movies, then you should go see it. I know I'd see it again.
I give it 4 stars!

So there you have it. We still want to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar, so stay in tune for that.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vegas Part 2

Right after New Years, Todd and I took another trip to Las Vegas to hang out with my cousin Amanda and Shaun. They came down from Minnesota to spend a week with Shaun's good friend Collin. It was a quick trip but it was a lot of fun! Walker and Lianne also joined us so it was like old times! :) Here are just a few pictures of what we did:

Amanda and I in Cezars Palace

Amanda enjoying the fountains

I hope this picture doesn't offend anyone, but there's nothing to say except Vegas makes you do weird things. Especially if your names are Kara and Amanda.

Todd and the Eiffel Tower

Enjoying some drinks at the bar... don't worry, its just juice! ;)

Besides, I wouldn't drink anything bad with Todd around. Lol.

Just hanging out in one of the Casino's

Now, if me and Amanda were drunk- this is what we might look like. Ha ha.

Todd on one of the slot machines

Then after a night on the strip, Todd and I spent the night with Walker and Lianne in the Stratosphere. It was a lot of fun. Then the next day we went over to Collins where we hung out with them all day.

I love this picture of Shaun. I would think if you didn't know Shaun he might seem a little scary... oh wait. No, no, he wouldn't.

And this is Amanda and Shaun's BEAUTIFUL baby Kayliegh! I LOVE this picture of her. She is soooooo freakin adorable!

Awe, I already miss you Amanda and Shaun!!! :(

We had a lot of fun! But we always have fun as long as we are together.

Thanksgiving and wonderful husbands

For Thanksgiving, I didn't get a lot of pictures. In fact, this is the only picture I got. But as you can see, it was a very "filling" dinner. We had it at my Grandma LaRae's house where we had the best yams ever (Thanks to Jeni)!!! Then we left to go up to Farmington to have desert with Todd's family. It was a lot of fun. I wish I would have taken more pictures...

Then shortly after Thanksgiving, we were invited to go eat over at Todd's friend Steve's house where we at some "Sopes." (I think that's what they are called). Steve's Mom doesn't talk a lot in English, so we spent most of the evening talking in Spanish while Todd translated for me. I really got to learn some Spanish! Todd's good friend Jordan and his wife Angie also came. It was really fun to get together!
Here's a picture of the whole gang.

Then, some of you may already know this story, but I just wanted to write about it because it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I was so swamped with school and finals the last couple of weeks in December that I literally had no time to eat or sleep. I was so overwhelmed, exhausted, and upset that I didn't have any time to decorate for Christmas. One night I cried to Todd about all the things I had to do and how I had no time, and by the time I had time to decorate, It would be a couple days before Christmas, and then I would just have to take it all down. Anyways, so the next day was a Saturday, and I had to work all day at my Copy Central job and I was just so upset all day. Todd dropped me off cuz he needed my car to run some errands. When 6:00pm finally rolled around, Todd came and picked me up and had Dexter in the car with him to greet me. Just seeing my Husband and my puppy made everything so much better! Then as we drove home, Todd stopped at my parents house and I asked him what we were doing and he said he was picking up the Laundry that I had also complained about not being done. I know its lame, but I totally teared up cuz I was so thankful he did that for me! Then we parked outside our house and went inside, and as I walked into the kitchen I noticed the living room was glowing! I walked a little further to see that Todd had put up the Christmas Tree, decorated it, along with the fireplace, and cleaned the whole house. I just stomped my foot and started sobbing. It was the kindest most thoughtful thing he could have done, and he spend all that Saturday doing it. One thing I loved about it was the way he decorated it. It was so obviously done by a boy, but I didn't care, I wouldn't touch it. So I just wanted to post some pictures of it.

When I walked in, this is the first thing I saw!

This is the Ugly fireplace you've heard so much about, that I'm going to repaint; But Todd had even gone to the store and bought garland and poinsettia flowers, and made our stockings to decorate the fireplace. I thought it looked great!

Thanks Hun for everything you do!
It was a GREAT Christmas!

Our new and not so new place

Like the rest of my posts, this one is long over due. Most of you know that in October Todd and I moved out of my parents basement into my Great Grandma's house next door. I've been wanting to post pictures of it forever, but just never got around to it. (It takes a long time to settle in a house!) Anyways, my Dad decided to remodel it and it turned out a lot better than we could have imagined. We feel so blessed to live here. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It was a lot of fun for me because I got to help pick out a lot of the things, like the paint colors, light fixtures, the flooring, and kitchen cabinets. We were going for a french country cottage type look, so its very colorful! WE LOVE IT!!!

The Living Room

(We also have a fireplace in this room behind the camera, but its old and kind of ugly, so I'm going to repaint it!)

The Kitchen

(My little brother Branden did the tile in the shower! He did a great job!)

The Master Bedroom

(This isn't the best picture of this room, it a lot bigger than it looks and the blue isn't as intense as in this photo. Maybe some day i'll post a better one. Maybe...)

So that's it. Oh, and our little Family

So yeah! There's our new place. We also have a second bedroom but its currently holding all of our junk right now, and then there's an attic that we're going to work on to make it my Art Studio! (I know, I'm spoiled!) So when those things are done, I'll post them.

Then, I attached this picture onto this post just because I wanted to give anyone who cared a small glimpse of what I worked on this last semester. This is a picture of my sister Tiffany holding a baby all wrapped up (or so that's what its suppose to look like...) I build my own canvas, gesso'd it, put a layer of Lace over the canvas, then painted on top of it. I painted her monochromatic (One color, adding white or black), trying to create a timeless scene, capturing her in this "intimate" moment of holding her baby. I had her model for me and I took pictures, then a couple months later she found out she was pregnant. Go figure! :)

Anyways, it was one of my favorite projects