Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, for those of you who don't already know. I got a job. Finally! I work in Payson at a scrap booking and copy center. It's pretty fun, I like it. But its not so good for my spending habits... Lol. Its a little different to go back to work and do school at the same time. I'm wondering how I did it all before. But anyways, Todd got a Supervisor position at his work, so that is good. They will probably make him the manager again soon- since he's worked there for like 3 years! That's a long time. As far as everything else, well, nothing else is really going on. We went ice skating recently so that was fun. I'll probably be posting about that soon. so look for the pictures. ;) See ya.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Fancy Pants" Dinner Party

After new years Todd and I got invited to attend a Fancy Pants Dinner at my cousin Jeni and Ro's house. Ro was the chef! He is an amazing gourmet cook, and he prepared us an 8 course meal!!! By the end of the night, we left bulging our of our "fancy pants." Just kidding, but It was a lot of fun! I was planning on taking a lot of pictures of the food, but i kept eating them up too fast! So here are just a few.
Here's me and Todd after eating our first course! (Ro's going to kill me for messing this up cuz I don't know the proper name) but it was a crussant like pastry filled with french cheese and topped with some fruity sauce! Yummm! What a great way to start it off! :)

Another course we had was a lettuce wedge for a salad with blue cheese on top. I was a little nervous at first to eat it cuz i don't like blue cheese. But this was rediculously good! It was seriously one of my favorite courses of the night!

Okay, this was probably the weirdest thing we ate. (No offense Ro). It wasn't bad, just different. I think Ro called it a Pallet Cleanser. And it tasted like lavender! Okay girls, remember all that lavender you have in your bathroom. Imagine eating it! ha ha.

For the main meal, Ro cooked an AMAZING steak! I have never had a steak soooo good. That's probably why i devoured it before I could even take a picture!!!
It was a great night and we ended it with a bang! We had an amazing rich chocolate cake with raspberry sauce on top!

This was our famous chef Ro for the night!

Thanks Ro! It was delicious!!!!!