Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Trip to Missouri

So I'm finally taking the time to update our blog! Yeah!!! Not a whole lot has been going on with us... maybe that's why I haven't been writing, but not to long ago, Todd and I took a trip over to Missouri. We went there for 2 reasons really. #1. Because I have some family out there and I've always wanted to take Todd there to visit. And #2. Because Missouri State University has a really good Doctorate Program in Physical Therapy where 2 of my Uncles work... So Todd really wanted to check that out. Todd liked the school a lot and says he could really see himself going there, the only problem is, I don't know if I'm entirely sold on it. I would love to live closer to my other family out there, but its just the little things that I don't know if i could handle. I'll list a few examples. Like the weather there- a lot of rain and TORNADO SEASON!!! (Scary!!!) Also, the rolling hills out there made me so nauseated! -I don't know if I could handle that for 4 years. There are tons of bugs which i hate, and above all, I don't want to have to deal with allergies again!!! For the first time in my life I got allergies when Todd and I moved out to Ohio and lived there for 4 months! It was Awful! I don't know how people who have it all the time can handle it. I was so sick and so stressed out about it, and it took a long time for them to go away when i moved back to Utah. So yeah... Those are my thoughts on it. We are also considering other schools as well. We've looked into Idaho State, U of U, UNLV, Arizona, and Army Baylor in TX. But we still have a while until Todd applies so I guess we're stuck here for now. ;)

Anyways, now that I went off on a tangent about that, i'd like to talk a little bit about our trip. It really was a lot fo fun. Because of the weather we were confined to do some of the things we wanted to do, but on the best day we decided to go to Branson. We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, did some shopping, went to the "believe it or not" Museum, and then went to a dinner and show at the Dolly Parton arena. We were going to go to the Titanic museum, but tickets were like 18$ a person!!! But I really liked how the museum looked, So instead i just stood outside it and got a picture taken. :)

The Believe it or not museum was really cool. We saw things like shrunken heads, worlds tallest man, worlds biggest ball of yarn, replica of cathedrals made out of toothpicks and teeth, a Chinese guy with a horn on the back of his head, Brain teasers and more!!! Lol! We really enjoyed ourselves. We were hoping to make it over to the celebrity wax museum, but we ran out of time. :(

They also had this wall full of different colors of butterfly's at the museum. It was sooooo pretty, but sad to think that they were all dead. :( I hope they weren't killed just to be put in this! I would very much be against that.

Here's a wax model of the tallest man in the world. He was almost 9 ft! and only lived to be 22 years old. It was fun to put Todd and Chan next to him because Todd towers over our family while chantel is the smallest standing at 4 ft. 7in. (Go Chan!)

Then last but not least, we went to the Dolly Parton Show where they fed us dinner and we got to be involved in a Rodeo competition. Todd will never admit it, but he loved it! After words we got to see some of the horses. Look how big this one was!!! Crazy huh.

After that we mostly just relaxed and hung out with the family. We stayed at my Aunt Karla and Uncle Scott's house which was sooooo gorgeous!!! That's where we had a little bonn fire and I took tons of pictures of my little nephew Ashton. I have a couple video's i'd like to put on here... as soon as i figure out how to do it... Anyways, it was a lot of fun even though it was very easy going. But i'm like my mother in that way. A vacation should be stress free and relaxing, but to my dad, you don't go on a vacation unless your entire day is planned out of things to do. Lol. I think i got a pretty good balance between the two. :)

Here are just a few pics I put together of my nephew Ashton.
He is soooo cute!!!
His bib said "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" Oh yeah, what a cool kid!

Him on the John Deer

He pulls such cute faces!!! I love this little guy!

So yeah, that was our little trip. We had a lot of fun and we will miss everyone there! :)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Excuses Excuses!

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I've been super busy! But now that my hours at work have been cut in half (which isn't the best thing, but sure leaves a lot of time to do nothing!) I'll be posting things again real soon! So stay in tune. ;)