Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dexter!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Dexter's 1st birthday! I know, I know, who celebrates their dogs birthday??? Well, I DO!!! Lol. It was actually my first time ever doing something like this for one of my animals, but it was kind of fun!! I made a little Dogie Cake out of hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and dog food- topped with a treat! I was pretty proud of it. Then I just made dexter's birthday hat out of paper and string, and wrapped his little present in tissue paper. Lol. I know, i went all out. I even got most of my family to come out and sing happy birthday to him!!! We all had a pretty big laugh singing Happy Birthday to a dog, but Dexter could tell something big was going on. He was soooo excited!! And when I put him on the floor to eat his "cake," He devoured it!!! Then we gave him his present and he wasn't all sure about it, but warmed up to it later that night. So yeah! Pretty fun and interesting day for us. I know, I'm a nerd. :) But oh well. Here are just a few pictures of that night.

The Master Piece

(I think Ro would be proud of my dogi art food!) ;)
Getting ready to sing to him!
Yumm Yumm! I make good Cake!

Not sure about his new toy...

Awe, what a cute little family!!! Dexter is such a good puppy and we had a great time celebrating his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEX! (Now its time to get your 1 year shots!) :S

Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay, so I know its been an eternity since I last posted, but I'm sure no one has really cared but me. Lol. But if you do care, then FINALLY, here's an update. Ready? Here we go. First thing first. Valentines Day. It was a great day and Todd and I had a lot of fun. First we opened gifts from one another. I got him a candy letter poster with a little crafty card I made, while he got me beautiful flowers and Dark chocolate! Man, he knows me well!!! Then we went to Macaroni Grill where i got to eat tons of their bread that i love so much! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! Then we ended the night by going to the movie "He's just not that into you." We thought it was pretty good, except for the affair part kind of ruined it, but with out it, it was pretty good. Anyways, so that was that. And now here are some pictures:

Oh yeah, and we killed some time before the movie taking some funny pictures. :)

Next thing that went down was the Celin Dion Concert we got to go to! Okay, for those of you who know me well, can only imagine how excited I was to go to this. I know this is kind of geeky to admit but I've LOVED Celin Dion FOREVER! Seriously, i sang to her songs when I was little and had a Karaoke Machine! (Oh yeah!) Anywho... the concert was phenomenal. When she came up from the stage to sing for the first time, my eyes filled up with tears! That's how pathetic i am! Ha ha. But I loved it. Todd was surprised by the amount of songs he knew, and didn't realize she sang them. I bet he enjoyed it more than he says he did. ;) She was a little different than i thought personality wise... but her voice was amazing!!! She is definitely better live! I thought maybe cause she was getting older and how recording studios can help your voice sound better that it wouldn't be quite as good. But boy was i wrong! If anything, she has only gotten better with age!!! The only sad thing about that evening was that my sisters weren't there to enjoy it with me. But here are a few pics from that night:

These last couple of pictures are just random ones of Dexter. I just think he is the cutest dog on the entire planet. I love it when he gets all tired and snuggles up to me. And the last one of him hiding under the bed just kills me! Lol.

So yeah... that's basically all the really big updates. Now every ones life can go on in peace. ;)
See ya!