Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yearly Update!! (2010-2012)

Well, here it is!  Our update!!  Now that I have a lot more time on my hands, I'm catching up on our blog.  I know, Finally!  It's only been 2 years!!!  Ha ha.  I skipped over our 2011 big trips (Europe, Florida, & New York) because they had too many photo's, so I decided I would do them separately.

(Our 3 year Anniversary: July 2010)

(Celebrating Pioneer Day: 2010) 

(Thanksgiving Point Outing with older siblings: 2010)

(Tarzan: October 2010)

("Race For Jess," my co-worker who died in a pedestrian accident: October 2010)

(Meeting Chan's missionary stand in at her friends wedding: 2010)

(Fry & Leela from Futurama: Halloween 2010)

(Thanksgiving at the Callan's: 2010)

(It was a sad day when a fire destroyed the Provo Tabernacle--Can't wait for it to be turned into a Temple!!!  December 2010)

(Dalen getting his Eagle! Yay!! December 2010) 

 (Christmas 2010)

(Grace's Surprise Birthday Party: December 2010) 

(New Years 2011!!!)

(Art Exhibit: January 2011)

(Celebrating Todd's Birthday: 2011)

(Valentines Day 2011!  We went to Color Me Mine-so fun!!!)

 (Chantel's Homecoming!! April 2011)

(Inside the Mall of America: April 2011)

(Dalen Graduates from High School!!! May 2011)

(Us and Dexter: June 2011)
 (Richard G. Scott came and talked to us at our Stake Conference in Salem.  Afterwords we were able to meet him!  It was a great experience: June 2011)

(Big life changes: My parents moved out of our home (20+ years) and put it up for sale, and moved into my Grandparents house to help take care of my Grandpa: June 2011)

(Freddie Ficklin Jr:  My Grandpa passed away shortly after on July 4th, 2011) 

(Celebrating my 25th Birthday: July 2011)

 (Island Park with the Callan's: July 2011)

(Pioneer Day fireworks: July 2011)

(Our 4th year Anniversary: July 2011)

(Camp out! Aug 2011)

(Dalen opening up his mission call!  He was called to serve in Honduras, Spanish speaking: September 2011)

(Mario & Luigi and little Bowser: Halloween 2011)

(Branden's Homecoming!!  Unfortunately, I missed it because of a school presentation: October 2011)

(The night before Dalen left for the MTC!  He's definitely been missed!!  November 2011)

 (Moving Todd out to Fort Collins Co: January 2012)

(Finding out I was pregnant!  Now, that's quite the story.  It was about a week after Todd came to visit when I started to feel... weird.  It was time for my yearly check up anyways so I called the Doc and set up an appointment.  By the time my appointment came around I was a couple days late... which doesn't happen, but I wasn't too worried about it.  I'm not always great at counting it anyways.  So we did a physical and she asked me if I wanted a pregnancy test done with my blood work.  'Uh sure,' I said, not really caring.  Well... a couple hours later I was at work and I got a phone call from the Doc.  'I just wanted to let you know that we got the results back from your pregnancy test and it came back positive.'  I sat there for a minute confused.  'Wait.  Like positive as in... I'M PREGNANT!!??'  'Yes,' she replied.  I couldn't believe it.  I think I even went into shock a little.  I had to tell Todd immediately, but I was sad to have to do it over the phone.  So I called him with the big news and he too was pretty shocked and speechless.  I went home that night and took a pregnancy test just because I wanted to see it with my own eyes!  And sure enough... well, you see the picture. :)  February 2012)

(My Grandma Rae's 82nd Birthday Celebration!  She's one of the most beautiful women I know!! February 2012)

After posting our 2011 trips, I plan on covering my Graduation celebration (April 2012) and life out here in Colorado!  So, STAY TUNED!!! :)