Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Years!!!

Well, we made it to our 2nd year Anniversary! Its crazy how time fly's by. My mom says its really important to celebrate each year because now days its harder for young people to stay married. But I'm happy to say that we are still very much in love and still kicking! :) So to celebrate, Todd did a really good job at keeping it secret, and took me up to Salt Lake City where we ate at an Italian Restaurant named "Al Fornos." I ordered the Salmon special while Todd got the classic Chicken Alfredo. It was really yummy! Then even though I told Todd not to get me anything, he got me a really cute silver bracelet. (Thanks sweetie!) Here are just some pics below at the restaurant.

After dinner Todd took me to a cute little bed and breakfast where we checked in and watched the movie Coraline. I thought the room we stayed in was so cute and creative. Very Victorian style and old fashion. I LOVED it. Here are some pics of it.

K! I thought this was so cool. The main room and the bathroom was separated by these curtains and I just loved the idea.

Oh okay, I had to take this picture of Todd because i caught him watching baseball... on our Anniversary! Lol.
The next morning we woke up to breakfast at our door, put together in a basket. I thought it was so clever. It was the perfect way to end such a fun Anniversary!
Thanks babe! I'm excited for our 3rd year together and all the adventure it'll bring. Love you! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Fun and More...

Well, just catching up on the summer, I just recently had my 23rd birthday! It was quite the interesting birthday this year. I celebrated it with my family a week early cuz they were going to be out of town on the 13th. So me, Tyson, Jen (who i share my birthday with) and Kaylor who had her birthday in June, were all celebrated on that day. Unfortunately that same weekend Todd threw out his back so he was hopped up on drugs the whole time. I think this picture belows really shows it! Ha ha.

Well, one of the more "entertaining" things that happened that day was that my mom accidentally put "Happy Birthday Tiffany" on MY birthday cake! So in my little bothers attempt to fix it, he scratched off tiff's name and stuck a huge toothpick into the cake and put my table name tag on the top with a candle. Even though everyone made fun of me, I'd have to admit it was pretty funny! And of course it happened to me! (Those of you who know my childhood would find this a lot more funny!) Heres the pic below.

I got a lot of nice presents from my family. On Saturday I went to the Payson Scottish festival (in which i love and try to go every year but i had missed the last couple ones). I LOVE their jewelry! So with some of grandma and grandpa Callans birthday money, i got me some jewelry and a light blue wrap. I was sooo excited!! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Callan! :)

Then that same evening we went up to Todd's family's house where they took us out to dinner and then the next day made me a cake and sang happy birthday to me. I definitely got spoiled up there too! Thanks Kristie and Paul!!! The cake Todd's mom made was to die for. I don't' think i've ever had a chocolate cake so mouth watering before. I couldn't keep my hands off it! Then Emily got me this mini pink iron which i told Todd I wanted. Ironically, he never told Emily that, so good job Emily! I love it!

Then the next day was my real birthday where Todd took me out to lunch and got me plane tickets to go visit my cousin Amanda in Minnesota! (AMANDA I'M COMING!!!!) What a great gift! :) Then my sister Tiffany took me out to lunch where my parents sent with her a brand new birthday cake that had my name big and bright on it because they felt bad about the last one! LOL! They crack me up! Then i finished off my birthday at Jen and Ro's house where we had Chocolate soup! I told Ro he had to make it for my birthday, which was also his wife's birthday so it all worked out! So yeah.... that was my birthday. It was a long one but a great one! THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND GIFTS!!! :)

Then I just wanted to post a few pictures of when Todd went to Bryce Canyon. He took a lot of pictures and they are sooo beautiful. Todd said he had a great time and would love to go back but take me this time! Here are just a few pictures of his trip. The scenery is gorgeous!!!